Groundwater Discovery to Serve Remote Coastal Community of Trou Louis Jeune, Haiti


Springfield, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/03/2013 -- The team of V3 Companies, Northwater Consulting and Haiti Outreach has drilled a successful high yield water well near the remote coastal community of Trou Louis Jeune.

The discovery is part of a water supply development project for the remote island of La Gonâve in the Republic of Haiti. The project is funded by the Inter-American Development Bank and DINEPA, the water and sanitation directive of Haiti.

“Trou Louis Jeune is an impoverished coastal community of about 2,800 residents that have never benefited from a reliable and scalable source of water supply” said Stuart Dykstra of V3 Companies. “The residents currently go through great lengths on a daily basis to secure the basic water needed to survive”.

Finding sources of freshwater in Trou Louis Jeune capable of supporting the entire town has been an extremely difficult task and no such source has ever been discovered or developed in this area. V3 Companies and Northwater Consulting led a groundwater exploration effort to find water for the town. The challenge was to not only to find freshwater but also a sustainable aquifer with subsurface cracks in the limestone source rock that could yield the needed water to serve the entire population and the future 2032 projected population of 3,800. The investigation was performed in the fall of 2012 and included a geologic study and electromagnetic geophysical survey. Following the investigation, a test-drilling site was recommended and their partner, Haiti Outreach completed drilling the well on March 30, 2013.

The yield of the well is much greater than expected, testing and analysis of the well is currently underway. DINEPA plans to use the water source to develop a municipal water system that includes storage and a distribution network.

The team is also currently working to source the water supply for two other coastal communities on the island; test drilling is scheduled in the coming months. Northwater Consulting ( provides specialized and expert service in water supply development around the world; V3 Companies ( is an international engineering and construction firm based out of Chicago, IL and Haiti Outreach ( is a Haitian non-profit organization that specializes in building community-led projects.

For more information, contact James Adamson, Northwater Principal, (630) 742-6836