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Gloucester, Gloucestershire -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/20/2013 -- GL1 leisure center has introduced a whole lot of fitness and sports related programs to help individuals stay fit, healthy and happy. Gym and group exercises, spa, swimming classes, kids activities and a whole lot more are done here, so that individuals involve a bit of sport in their leisure time and have great times.

One can just become a member of GL1 leisure center and sign up for the courses of their choice in a really easy manner. Group exercises and the gym courses hold great prominence in this leisure center. The gym is really large and well equipped. It’s conducted in the xpress fitness suite, and over 50 group exercises are conducted every week here.

Successful workouts are conducted in a great atmosphere for those who work out at GL1 leisure center, and especially the group exercises here work out brilliantly. The gym is air-conditioned, making it really convenient for all the members, and the star trac equipment that is use din the gyms is really simple to use, and will help towards people getting the workouts that they actually need. There are personal viewing screens too so that the individuals can entertain themselves even while they are working out.

Each and every member of the health and fitness member who are a part of the group exercises or otherwise will get their own personalized fitness program to ensure that all their requirements are met! The personal training and the group exercises will ensure that all the members reach their fitness goals and shed the extra pounds and stay healthy through the extensive exercises.

Group exercises take place in a variety of areas like in the exercise studio, the swimming pool, the DOJO, the spin studio and a whole lot more. When it comes to group exercises, individuals can book their sessions right online in a really convenient manner and start their journey towards working out and losing weight. The schedules can be downloaded directly from the site itself conveniently. At the end of the day, the participants of the group exercises will get the reliable training that they need.

To know more about the group exercises or GL1 leisure center, visit or call 0845 643 4203 . GL1 leisure center is located in Bruton Way, Gloucester, GL1 1DT

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