Announces Lineup of iPhone 5 Accessories

With the device almost ready to launch, the site today announces its expected stock of accessories.


New York , NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/27/2012 -- The much talked about iphone 5 could be released any time from now and likely to be within this year. This smart phone is highly anticipated by users and it is expected to take the world by storm with its sales going through the roof, the moment it is released. If one suggests that iphone5 will become the best smart phone in the world, Apple’s loyal fans will not disagree.

Daily deal rising star, Groupcow has already announced that they are working with different vendors to become one of the first distributor to lay hands on iphone 5 accessories ; to satisfy the mad rush for accessories to go with their new toy, the moment Apple fans round the world get hold of their beloved new iPhone.

As much as people want to know what the iphone 5 is going to look like, they may also wish to know what kinds of accessories to expect at Groupcow. Groupcow has been carrying a very comprehensive range of accessories from iPhone fan, fish-eye lens to an amazing assortment of covers, cases and shells to the delight of mobile phone users round the world.

It will not be difficult to assume that Groupcow will again be the one that carries the widest ranges of accessories for the new iPhone 5 the moment it hits the market. People can sort of predict what type of accessories one can expect to find on for the iPhone 5 by simply looking at variety of accessories for previous releases like the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. Many of these accessories are unique yet interesting and eye catching, like the Game Boy Rubber case for iPhone 4. There are also practical accessories like the Anti-Shock case for iPhone 4/4S. People can also find many other accessories classified as stands, holders, stylus pen, charging docks .. the list goes on.

On Groupcow, as in most daily deal sites, there is no shortage of discounts for the products on sale there. They rely on buyer’s aggregate volume to bring cost down therefore translate to higher discounts. That is why they always encourage their customers to invite their friends to the deals and in essence, get more buyers for that deal. They make full use of social media like facebook and twitter for awareness building and communicating with customers.

What makes stands out from the crowd is their dedication to bring real value to their customers. Their mission is to create a buying force online bigger than that of Walmart. While it may not be an easy dream to achieve, they emphasize that they are firm believers that " Impossible is Nothing ."

Groupcow’s core value is their focus on exceptional customer experience and the high quality of the products they represent (coupled with exception pricing) to surprise customers, so much so that they will keep sharing their pleasant experience with their friends. This approach, they believe, is the only way they can build the biggest buying force bigger than that of Walmart.

Their slogan, "More People, Better Deal! " and they coined their mission as the next consumer revolution or PEOPLE'S POWER as they so often stress.

About GroupCow
When extremely popular phones like iPhones, Samsung are launched, the next thing people do is to start searching high and low for accessories for their new toys. Usually, during times of high demand, these products will be sold at unreasonably high prices because of the scarcity of vendors selling it. People will usually end up paying more than reasonable prices if they want to get their new iPhone accessories before anyone.

Groupcow’s platform is different from other deals sites in that they are designed to allow consumers to group together as a big buying force to buy products directly from manufacturers at astonishing wholesale prices. Most other deal sites works with retailers at end of the supply chain to squeeze discounts from their decline margin. This, most of the time, results in retailers cheating on quality.

Another interesting aspect of Groupcow is that prices for items on their site are adjusted downwards in real time as the buying volume increases. This simply means that the more popular a product becomes, the lower the prices are on And to top it all, for those consumers who bought in before the next round of price reduction, they will be credited the difference. It certainly is a dream platform for buyers.