Announces Showcase of Latest Products

With many new products flooding in from all over the world, today provide a showcase of their latest stock.


New York City, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/27/2012 -- Groupcow is a unique variant of daily deal sites populating the internet. They use their innovative edge to rise above the competition. Unlike other daily deal sites, they come out with the most irresistible deals for the world at large, not just for a localize vicinity. And because their deals cater to the global market, buying volumes are huge. Their philosophy is that daily deal sites that work with local retailers or restaurants to strike deals for consumers do not make logical sense as these retailers are at the end of the supply chain and generating real savings for consumers are mere marketing rhetoric. Therefore, their business model is focused bridging manufacturers to direct consumers. Their huge consumer buying force is the reason manufacturers are willing to come on board to dish out products at amazing wholesaler’s price.

In fact, so many manufacturers are coming on board their website that they now offer daily deal totaling more than 400 a day. Offering free shipping worldwide, their range of products are very comprehensive. Some of the products they carry include mobile accessories, pet items, children products, gifts ideas, jewelry and the latest electronic gadgets that includes mobile phones, cameras just to name some.

With their wide selection of products catering for most consumers and the extremely competitive pricing of these products direct from manufacturer, it is no wonder their popularity is rising at an amazing pace.

Mobile accessories and electronic gadgets are very popular class of products on Under the section Mobile accessories, or under the section iPhone, iPad, Mac; people can find a huge collection of Apple products. They sell an international unlocked version of Nokia Lumia 900 phone and a whole host of other mobile phones together with accompanying accessories for many of the latest phones like the Nokia Lumia 900. This phone from the Nokia Lumia series, the latest line from Nokia that use the new Window Mobile operating system instead of their traditional Symbian OS.

A casual observer to the site will immediately notice that most of the products on Groupcow are unique and interesting. Their product selection focuses on items that are eye catching, unique and has the potential for consumers to naturally share the product details with their friends.

About GroupCow is a new kind of site that allows buyers around the world to find the best deals they need. Forget buying at full retail price. The site allows buyers anywhere in the world to deal directly with manufacturers and save on popular essentials.

Their motto is: “More Buyers, Better Discount.”

Their primary difference from other sites is that the larger the buying volume for a product, the lower the prices.

Their platform is designed to allow consumers to group together as a big buying force to buy directly from manufacturers at astonishing wholesale prices. What is interesting is that prices for items on their site are adjusted downwards in real time as the buying volume increases. And for those consumers who bought in before the next round of price reduction, they will be credited the difference. It certainly is a dream platform for buyers.