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Groupon Indonesia Launched New Buyer Protection Technique

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Jakarta, Indonesia -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/26/2013 -- Over the past few years, online shopping and selling has become exceptionally popular, which is why people from all across the globe can be seen to be taking its advantage for good. There are many online platforms that offer the best online products and deals in town, for the utmost convenience of their customers worldwide. Groupon Indonesia is one of those exclusive web storefronts that do not only offer people with true value of money but also quite a lot of protection in the entire process of buying products online. The famous online storefront is now offering a complete recording of the interaction between sellers as well as buyers, for the purpose of eliminating acts like fraud as much as possible. Moreover, a history of the entire conversation tends to keep both ends clear. Buyers can message the storefront at any time they want or prefer in order to confirm their orders for good. A receipt number is likely to be provided to buyers for the purpose of safekeeping their order until it reaches at their doorstep. The supplier partners and the registered users of the top notch online storefront can now easily work together in order to make online transactions, without having to struggle too much in the matter.

The new buyer protection techniques also include the delivery of the order within 7 days in total. This means that Indo Groupon is going to deliver any product to its owners after they have purchased it, within 7 working days only. However, if the buyers do not receive their order within 7 days, they are given the right to cancel the order for good and to also ask for a refund, in that case. In order to provide true value of money to their customers from all over Indonesian population, the Indonesia online Shop provides a rock solid money back guarantee to all of the buyers. With this feature, buyers can easily demand and get a refund at the earliest convenience if they are not completely satisfied with the product after receiving it.

Two different delivery methods are offered to the buyers and they can choose the one which is more suitable for them in the present and the future. The first product delivery method is delivery from the Groupon Indonesia warehouse whereas the other one includes direct delivery from the supplier partners, which are also known as sellers at the prestigious online store. In order to acquire all the online shopping benefits, individuals are advised to visit soon.

Media contact
Name: Irene Metta Devi
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia