Grover Arnett Lawyer: New US Law Draws Fire from Angered China


Salyersville, KY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/20/2013 -- A newly passed U.S. law which President Obama signed on Tuesday, April 23 of this year contains a provision that severely restricts governmental purchases of technological equipment manufactured by China.

A provision held within the new law prohibits U.S. federal agencies from purchasing technological equipment from China. The only exception would be if the FBI or some other critical federal agency determined the equipment to be pivotal in securing or upholding national interests.

The decision has angered Chinese officials causing sharp words to be directed at U.S. lawmakers. For example, China’s Ministry of Commerce spokesman, Shen Danyang, strongly suggested that the move sent the wrong signals to Chinese markets and threatened to damage relations between the two powerhouses.

Hong Lei, spokesman for the country’s Foreign Ministry, stated that such harmful U.S. policies directed towards Chinese businesses should be reconsidered. Grover Arnett quotes Hong as saying, “We hope the U.S. side could get rid of such a move and do more things that will promote the development of bilateral ties and mutual trust.”

The reasoning behind the ban on Chinese technological equipment stems from concerns by lawmakers that it could be used to spy on various elements within the United States by tapping into critical communications networks.

The Chinese military has already been accused of using such methods to steal important trade secrets housed within U.S. businesses. The U.S. government has also recently moved to keep Chinese suppliers of communications equipment from entering such supply routes as Sprint Nextel over concerns of trade issues and computer hacking accusations.

In October of 2012, the House Intelligence Committee claimed national security risks were posed by Chinese rivals ZTE Corporation and Huawei and a Sprint spokesman said that they would not be using equipment made by those companies in their communications infrastructure. Both Chinese companies flat out denied that they would ever use their equipment for surveillance and accused the U.S. government move as violating the principles that the U.S. free market is built upon.

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