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Growing Industrialization Will Influence the Air Curtains Market Growth

Air curtains are among the best ways to conserve energy.Air curtains are used in limiting the emission of pollutants to allowed levels.


Valley Cottage, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/19/2017 -- Air Curtains are devices that are used to prevent air or contaminants from moving from open space to the other. It is most commonly used in downward-facing blower fans mounted over the building entrances or between spaces conditioned at various temperatures. Air curtains are among the best ways to conserve energy.Air curtains are used in limiting the emission of pollutants to allowed levels.

Air Curtains: Drivers & Restraints

This growth can be attributed to growing demand for high-quality energy-efficient devices and increasing consumer awareness. Since the past few years, HVAC systems have experienced some technological transformations. Moreover, growing awareness of energy efficiency is also expected to have positive impact air curtain market. The air curtains have improved performance since they play a vital role. The increasing demands from customers such as the need to keep out the hot, humid air and the need to supply heat during the winters. Air curtains are highly in demand due to the minimal installation costs as well as minimum operating charges which result in great savings. Re-circulating is another significant segment of this market and is expected to experience tremendous growth over the next few years. Re-circulating air curtain generally uses a plenum with a return built on the floor connecting the backside of the inlet of the air curtain through the ductwork. Industrial segment was another leading sector and is projected to witness the fastest growth over the years to come. This product is in high demand in the market since the consumer is more inclined towards quick and safe intake of food ingredients/chemicals, which drives the growth of the global air curtains market. The usage in plants, hospitals and other areas helps curb the problem of flying insects and thus aids in food preservation. This boosts the demand for air curtains. The factors that can restraint the air curtain market are the poor design and the sub-standard installation. Air curtains can deliver benefits and limit the pollutants only if well designed and installed correctly.

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Air Curtains: Market Segmentation

Air Curtains can be segmented on the basis of type:

Non re-circulating Air Curtains

Re-Circulating Air Curtains

Air Curtains can be segmented on the basis of applications:

Industrial Climate Control

Air-Conditioned Areas

Industrial Oven Openings


Dust and Humidity Control

In the case of Industrial Climate Control, the curtains prevent the flow of hot air from flowing into the heated or the cooled areas. It prevents the flow of dust or fresh hair. The use of curtains has helped in reducing fuel consumption by installing the curtain above the oven to prevent the hot air from coming out. Insect control air curtains are mounted on the outside or the inside of the building controlling temperature thus preventing insects. Air Curtains are used to keep hot air out by preventing the escape of air –conditioning.

Air Curtains: Regional Outlook

The global air curtains market is divided into seven regions, namely North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ), Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Japan and the Middle East and Africa (MEA). Globally, the commercial sector is performing in a dynamic manner where commercial complexes and institutions are evolving and working closely to meets the wide variety of demands from consumers. The air curtains market in APEJ is in its growing phase. The consumers' trends are changing in the region which is influenced by the growing retailers generating the attractive and likewise innovative sale formats. The retailers' now-a-days keeps first-hand knowledge on preferences and purchase habits of the consumers which they transmit to the upper stream of manufacturers in the supply chain. The demand for increased employee comfort and faster traffic flow can drive the market. Also, the ability to be used all year around and can be adjusted as per seasonal variations.

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Air Curtains Players

The prominent players in the air curtains market are:



Meech International



Solar and Palau