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Growing Industrialization Will Influence the Split Roller Bearings Market Growth


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/29/2018 -- Invented in 1907, split bearings find their application in heavy industries. They are typical roller bearings in which the components are engineered in halves. The roller and cage assembly, the inner race, outer race, seals and flange support structure or housing are manufactured as detachable components. They are manufactured with heavy duty ratings in order to suit heavy duty applications in the industry with respect to managing high speeds, higher loads along with good life and durability. The material used in the manufacturing of split roller bearings coupled with the modern manufacturing techniques promise longer life and reliability of these bearings, making them a vital aspect in heavy industry applications. They are generally used positions which are difficult to get access to, for example, long shafts which need assistance at various positions and they are also used on crank shafts.

Split roller bearings are seen in all major industries. They are mainly used in industries such as cement, mining, steel, power generation, waste water treatment, wind energy, chemical, food, petro-chemical, lumber, glass manufacturing, marine industry, and paper and pulp industry. In these industries, they are widely used in several applications, to name a few, bucket elevators, inlet fans both single and double, mine hoist gearing, pulverisers, crushers, pinion, trunnion shafts, reciprocating screens, cage and hammer mills, diesel gen sets, hydro electric generators (vertical and horizontal both), marine propulsion shafting, engine test stands, clinker collars, clinker crushers, agitators, mixers, mechanical flocculators, CBC's, RBC's, tank scrapers, line shafts, sludge presses, vacuum dryers, dryer rolls, log decks, pulp washers, veneer dryers, paddle and ribbon blenders and lumber drying kilns. The benefits and applications of split roller bearings across industries are as wide as the industry requirements.

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Split roller bearings show all characteristics of conventional roller bearings coupled with an added advantage of easy assembling about a shaft. Since the entire assembly of the split roller bearings is engineered in halves, it allows convenient and easy inspection and installation of these bearings without disturbing other machine elements. Special shaft designs, press fits and tolling are not essential and instead typical straight shafting can be used, thereby eliminating additional costs and maintenance.

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Damage to the neighbouring components during the process of re-alignment maintenance and replacement is eliminated or at least reduced to the highest extent. This is possible due to the fact that the positioning of the motors, gears, couplings, boxes etc., is not disrupted. This also contributes to the safety of the mechanisms that are responsible to carry out the work functions. The costs associated with of maintenance, designing and downtime are less. These factors have accelerated the quick adoption of the split roller bearings in various industries thereby contributing to the growth of the split roller bearings market.

There are various companies in the split roller bearings market, to name a few key companies, SKF, Schaeffler, Timken Company (Revolvo), NSK Ltd., Cooper Bearings, Craft Bearing Company and RBC Bearings are the dominant players in the market worldwide.