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Growing Trend to Watch Free Streaming Movies Online May Be Eating Profits of Pay TV Networks

Pay cable and satellite networks growth dips in struggling economic climate in which lower cost and free internet based movie and TV programming options may be a factor.


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/15/2012 -- Are former pay TV customers finding ways to watch free streaming movies online as well as view other TV programing on their PCs, laptops,tablets and even phones and ditching cable and satellite?

A recent report indicates 10s of thousands of TV watchers are saying no to entertainment giants such as Time Warner, Comcast and DirecTV. The report by Reuters says that 400,000 US homes have dropped Pay-TV this year. The largest U.S. cable company, Comcast, lost 176,000 subscribers.

While number two, Time Warner Cable, gave up 169,000 customers.The largest satellite TV company in the United States, DirecTV experienced their first drop in its subscriber base as 52,000 US households cut the service in the second quarter.

Dish Network did not do as badly in that they lost only 10,000 subscribers compared to the losses of its competitors. Although the numbers are significant, on a relative scale, the actual number of losses are small compared to size of customer base. Time Warner for example has approximately 12 million customers.

What is not known is whether or not the losses are indicative of a trend. It is a fact that other internet based options are now being made available that were not available before. Apparently a factor in the loses may be that a percentage of customers are seeking out and taking advantage of other lower cost online options.

There is a growing popularity among internet surfers to even find and watch free streaming movies online as well as view regular TV programing right over the internet as an alternative. A growth in this trend could be disastrous for the future of the big networks.

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