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Gryffin Media Publishes New Reviews on Teen Safe Child-Monitoring Program

Parents who want to ensure their child is safe online can learn more about the Teen Safe Child-Monitoring Program by reading new reviews published at


Canyon Country, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/11/2015 -- A recently released statistic stated that 91% of teens go online using mobile devices at least occasionally. Of these, 94% go online once a day or more often, with 24% saying they're online almost constantly. Most parents don't need to be reminded of the dangers online and many look for a way to monitor what their child does online to help protect them and explain the dangers of the internet and cellphone usage.

Gryffin Media attempts to help parents with this goal by releasing reviews for one of the child-monitoring trackers for smartphones. Teen Safe is an advanced smartphone monitoring program and is currently being used by over 500,000 parents. It gives the parents the ability to see who the child is talking to, what the texts say, where the phone has been, what social media accounts they're using, and more.

Spokesperson for Gryffin Media, Marcela De Vivo, stated, "We want to help parents keep their children safe. We offer information and reviews on the Teen Safe program so parents can find out more about the program and determine whether the program is going to be a solution for them."

Parents can view to learn more about the program and read reviews by professionals and by other parents. The program is available for iPhone and Android phones and offers a gps tracker, text messaging tracking, internet tracking and more. The parent will be able to learn how to track a cell phone and how to use the program without the teen feeling like their privacy is being invaded.

The website recently added new reviews by parents and professionals. These reviews can help parents see how other parents are using the program, learn what works, and learn how to avoid mistakes other parents have made. Parents can also see how it has helped other parents catch their children making mistakes and how talking to the child before the mistake got out of hand prevented a major issue.

"Parents have to be wary of a lot of potential dangers for teens online, from smartphone addiction to cyber bullying or online predators," De Vivo stated. "Teen Safe is one option to help them monitor their child's smartphone usage so they can talk to their child and teach them how to avoid these issues."

Parents who believe the program can be a way to help their own teen learn to use their smartphone safely can obtain all the information needed by viewing this website and reading the reviews. The latest reviews can give them the information to start using the program today.

About Gryffin Media
Gryffin Media created the Teen Safe website to help parents learn more about this program and how it can be used to help their child remain safe online even when the parent isn't around. The company strives to help parents keep their child safe by explaining how the program works, how it can be used effectively, and by proving tips on how to work with the teen to explain the rules and the goal of the program. The company believes teens will make the right choices, but having a program like this can help them prove their maturity and slowly be monitored less over time as they learn to use the smartphone effectively.