GSR2R Offers Recruitment to Recruitment Services Throughout London, UK

GSR2R are an Award Winning recruitment to recruitment company that have expanded their work exponentially to reach throughout London and its surrounding areas.


Soho, London -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2013 -- The tide of the economic backslide is finally beginning to turn, and there has been an increase in the number of jobs in the UK for the last two quarters, fuelling in turn an upswing in the demand for high quality recruiters. Recruiters of all levels of experience are best placed finding work through an established rec to rec company like GSR2R, an award winning established rec to rec company. Thought of as leaders in their industry, they have expanded their coverage not just throughout London but through its surrounding population centre’s to deal with increased demand.

Recruitment to recruitment is the supply of recruitment professionals to the recruitment industry, and GSR2R specialize in this field, supplying everyone from experienced recruitment consultants to recruitment trainees whom they support throughout their careers by matching them with the best recruitment agencies. They cover a huge range of markets from tech and energy to marketing and pr to fashion and creative to legal and insurance and more.

As well as winning awards and amassing a wide range of testimonials from a huge array of specialised industries, they regularly share their wealth of knowledge of the industry on their blog to provide every individual interested in GSR2R the chance to understand more about the industry and GSR2R in particular.

A spokesperson for GSR2R explained, “We are dedicated to being the industry leader in our field, and we are pleased to see that the economy is recovering through the creation of jobs which, in turn, requires recruiters to match those vacancies with the best candidates. GSR2R is passionate about developing the prospects and careers of the recruiters they serve, so that they can best serve the recruitment agencies they are employed by thanks to our placements. It’s a symbiotic relationship that we invest no small amount of time and energy into, and that’s why we are widely considered to be the best rec to rec company in the south of England.”

About GSR2R
GSR2R is an award winning rec to rec company based in Soho London. They provided experienced recruitment consultants to established recruitment companies across London and the Home Counties. They work in sectors from retail, construction, digital through to secretarial. They are renowned for their industry knowledge. For more information, please visit: