GTSquared Expands Range of Courses Available to Include Foreign Languages

GTSquared has expanded their range of available courses to include courses on foreign languages, expanding from the IT Sector to provide for those seeking international career opportunities.


Bangalore, Karnataka -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/20/2014 -- IT has a language all of its own, and much of this language is international, especially when programming. Succeeding in IT increasingly requires language skills however, as servers can be based and maintained overseas and an increasing number of businesses go multinational. As such, IT specialists are now searching not only for training in their field but for language training too. GTSquared has attempted to accommodate this need with information on new language courses.

GTSquared - Training Information Site had previously specialized solely in IT certifications which would help IT specialists climb the next rungs on the career ladder, with everything from Big Data and Software Testing to Ethical Hacking being covered to provide a robust platform from which IT workers could aim to develop their career.

The website now also covers language training, having identified a growing market for this within the IT profession and beyond. The language courses provided cover both major and niche world languages enabling people to choose strategically which languages to take up and master.

A spokesperson for GTSquared explained, “We have expanded our catalog of courses to include recommended course for language learning. This is not only due to demand by our current IT users who want to get the same great service for other courses they wish to take, but also because we have discovered that IT specialists have a knack for picking up language as a result of them already knowing several different languages for programming. The site is regularly updated and features not only information on courses but advice and inspiration as to which offer the best investment. As a result, users are advised to bookmark the page and check back regularly for updates.”

About GTSquared
GTSquared focuses on providing information on various professional certifications as well as additional training available in the current market. It helps its visitors find information, inspiration and advice to choose the training that best suits their career needs. It covers Information technology related training, foreign language training and more. This is extremely useful for IT professionals to clear various certifications up the ladder, or other professionals who are seeking training in foreign language for opportunities abroad.

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