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Simple precautions can be taken to ensure that when the weather gets hot, a home stays cool, and most are steps that the average homeowner can easily see to


Warminster, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/28/2014 -- In the middle of winter, it is difficult to think about a home's air conditioning system, but warm weather will arrive in just a few months. A few simple precautions can be taken to ensure that when the weather gets hot, a home stays cool, and most are steps that the average homeowner can easily see to.

1. Unlike a swamp cooler, which operates best with adequate flow-through ventilation, air conditioners operate at optimum efficiency in sealed environments. Checking to make sure the windows and doors are properly sealed will help not only with the air conditioning, but also save money with heating bills. Weather stripping and insulation may not come to mind when one thinks about air conditioning, but they are the first step a homeowner can take.

2. Clean vents and ducts will aid in both cooling and heating. Experts recommend a professional cleaning once a year, although a vacuum cleaner run into the home ventilation ducts will also help with keeping the system clean. Any homeowner can do that easily, by lifting out the register and vacuuming what can be reached.

3. System air filters should be replaced once a month, and keeping the air conditioning coils clean is another simple job that will greatly increase the efficiency of air conditioning and heating systems. Disconnect the power to the AC unit, and gently vacuum the cooling fins, removing any leaves or debris. Inspect the condenser drain to make sure it is draining freely and is not clogged.

4. Replacing an older thermostat with a new, digital, programmable unit is an simple DIY job that the average homeowner can tackle in a couple of hours. The new unit will pay for itself in just a few months of energy bill savings. If it is not practical to change it, just cleaning the sensor and making sure it is not near any warm appliances (television, fridge, etc.) will ensure it give an accurate reading.

5. Some jobs are best left to a professional. If an air conditioning system has a leak, or needs refrigerant, only a licensed professional is able to remedy that. Similarly, any electrical issues with an air conditioner, or an improperly installed and leaking vent system should be referred to an HVAC professional.

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