Guerilla Stock Trading, an Online Learning Portal Teaches the Easiest Way to Grow Your Stock Account

Beginners investing and learning the nuances of stock trading also need to learn how to grow their accounts. Guerilla Stock Trading, an online learning portal, teaches the tricks to the trade. Without expert help, beginners would not learn how to help their stock trading accounts grow.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2014 -- Investing in stock trading is not an easy business. While investing is one aspect of the trade, learning how to grow ones stock trading account is another imperative to stock trading. The demotivating aspect for most beginners is when they see that they are hitting 5% to 10% winners with $ 500 or even $ 1000 in their account, it does not appear that the account is actually growing. This is when beginners feel lost in their business and need expert guidance to help them grow.

Experts figure the cause for this non-reflection. Experts at Guerilla Stock Trading opine that this is usually due to the high brokerage fees or slippage. A large chunk of the growth is also channelled towards the payment of trading fees. The key to this is to invest less in trading.

Another reason why beginners lose direction is because they do not know what kind of stock to invest in. It is not the quantity that matters, but the quality. Expert advice from Guerilla Stock Trading shows that the most potential growth lies in small cap stocks. Even investing in small cap stocks requires taking into account very many criteria. The best kind of small cap stock should be the ones that have high liquidity. They must also have a beta greater than 1. Beginners should also keep in mind that the higher the days to cover on the short interest, the better.

Without proper guidance and advice, beginners often find themselves investing in the wrong kinds of stocks in the market and hence do not see a growth in their stock investment. A lot of profit is also diverted and used up in paying brokerage and other kinds of fees. By investing in the right kind of stocks, beginners can see their stock accounts multiply. Beginners require a lot of guidance, which is provided in the form of online video tutorials at Guerilla Stock Trading. You can also learn how to grow your stock trading accounts.

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