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Guerilla Stock Trading Offers Free Regal Assets Gold Investment Kit

Regal Assets Remains a Precious Metals Broker Known for Specializing in Gold IRAs


Clovis, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/18/2013 -- Gold prices continue to skyrocket. Over the past decade, the price of gold has gone up 450%. Investors looking to diversity their investment portfolio while obtaining a hedge against investment should consider a gold ira, Lance Jepsen of Guerilla Stock Trading exclaims.

The Great Recession of 2008 sent investors looking for new investment vehicles. Many, at this time, discovered the advantages of investing in tangible assets such as physical gold and silver. Stocks and bonds plunged in value and many watched their retirement nest egg disappear. "At this time, investors began looking for new ways to invest their money and this is when they learned about adding precious metals to their IRA," Mr. Jepsen explains. "Most major brokerages don't offer a precious metals ira so employers don't share this option."

Although investors were told their IRA were diversified, the trustees were actually saying they had a mix of stocks and bonds. When the stock market dropped, most stocks and bonds went down which led to the decrease in retirement account values. Precious metals continued to rise though which is why true diversification is needed.

A gold ira rollover allows for true diversification. Certain regulations have been put into place concerning these investment vehicles. Precious metals must be placed into a depository and only certain precious metals qualify. Four parties become a part of this transaction-the investor, the IRA custodian, the precious metals dealer and the depository. Finding reputable sources for the other parties is the top concern.

"A free Regal Assets Gold Investment Kit is available for those who wish to learn more about investing in precious metals. Regal Assets is a precious metals broker which maintains a retirement department specializing in IRAs and 401Ks of this type," Mr. Jepsen explains. "The representatives happily assist clients with the process and make the process easier as they are the only point of contact for the precious metals retirement account."

"Visit the website to learn more about which metals may be used in a retirement account, the IRA transfer process and what makes Regal Assets the right choice for investing. Learn about the 7 day Silver Eagle delivery guarantee, the depository used by Regal Assets and the Better Business Bureau company rating. The goal is to provide investors with the information needed to make a wise decision, one that improves their overall investment portfolio," Mr. Jepsen declares.

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