Guerilla Stock Trading - Raytheon Grabs Market Share with Shocking New Technology

Guerilla Stock Trading, the go-to online destination for the latest news and information about Stock market news and the leading name in providing stock trading education online has uncovered details about the latest invention by defense contractor for the U.S. government, Raytheon


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/17/2014 -- Guerilla Stock Trading has been the leading name in the virtual world for amateur as well as professional stock trades to rely on for firsthand information about the goings on in the stock market. Not only does the website provide the latest stock news along with details of the same, but it also offers stock trading education online. The freshest snippet that Lance Jepsen, the owner and founder of Guerilla Stock Trading has revealed to its visitors is the stunning new 155mm howitzer round called Excalibur that has been developed by defense contractor for the USA, Raytheon, a company that had 60,000 employees working under it and $24 in sales as of last year.

Excalibur is a powerful round that is capable of targeting any object 30 miles away and attack within 2 meter of the target. Such impressive range and accuracy hasn’t been seen in the USA before and Excalibur is able to achieve that owing to GPS technology. Raytheon is currently charging a sum of $70,000 per bullet which is lesser that the cost of traditional howitzer bullets as it takes only one bullet to hit the target bang on the spot.

Excalibur has made news not only for its qualities mentioned above but also because it eliminates the risk of collateral damage that is commonly associated with howitzers. Poland is looking to purchase Raytheon’s missile defense system and the contract is estimated to be around $5 billion. Raytheon has managed to win three prestigious and expensive contracts from the Department of Defense within the last month. However, according to Lance, although Raytheon seems to be a company that has been dynamically progressing, its stock seems to be somewhat stagnant.

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