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Makawao, HI -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/04/2014 -- Golden Fish Travels Agency provides tourists with the excellent opportunity to take part in custom guided tours to various destinations worldwide, including different parts of Asia, Africa and the South East. People, who choose to travel with this agency, will enjoy even the most remote parts of the world, while enjoying safe and comfortable journey.

Golden Fish Travels Company offers travel packages that include multiple destinations in Southeast Asia at very reasonable prices. This cross-border travel provides people with a complete and coordinated overview of this amazing region and all the secrets hidden in it. With custom Guided Tours Of Asia, travelers can go to the places they would like to go and at the desired time. There are two options for this kind of tours: they can be fully or partially guided. The customers may choose from the different accommodation types. The company works with licensed local experts who know perfectly the destination.

The agency ensures that all their customers’ preferences and needs are met regarding the interests, accommodation, places to visit, the types of activities to join, duration, etc. The clients can receive a private blessing that the monks residing the Laos temple can give them during their visit, can sample some street food in Bangkok, may take a long nostalgic tail boat at some of the Asian rivers, like Mekong or just cross the streets in Ho Chi Minh City, meeting the different culture and people, who are extremely friendly, although speaking an unknown language.

More adventurous types of tourists may choose the unique experience of meeting the tribes residing the Sapa and Halong Bay hills, while some of the favorite places to visit included in the World Heritage Site are Luang Prabang and Angkor Wat.

People may also choose to visit Japan, the land of the rising sun, which provides visitors with a mix of amazing adventures and experiences, hidden in each of its regions. Whether the tourist choose to head to the Japanese Alps, to the Festivals of Music and Dance, the Eastern Seaboard of visit traditional places like Noh and Kabuki, the country will satisfy even the most fastidious taste.

However, Asia is not the only region that people can visit with Golden Fish Travels’ custom guided tours. They can take part in safari in Africa, the continent of mystery and wonders. Tourists will be able to see the Great Migration that includes hundreds of thousands of different predators and animals across the Serengeti plains and enjoy meeting the Masai Mara tribe. They may also join a water safari by canoe, to pay a visit to amazing Zambian Victoria Falls, may enjoy Mountain gorilla tracking and the the sand dunes in countries like Rwanda and Namibia and much more.

All, who are interested in custom guided tours around the world, may take a look at for more information.

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Golden Fish Travels ( is an accredited, established and reliable travel agency that works for their clients around the world since 1977. It is based in Hawaii, USA, but has a branch in Thailand as well. The agency offers custom tours of Asia and expert travel services that all of their clients enjoy.