Guidelines to Handling Bed Bug or Lice Outbreak at School - BedBug911™ Breaks It Down

We are well into the school year now and many folks have had to deal with the news that their child’s school has had an incident of a bed bug or lice infestation.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/15/2013 -- All schools regardless of economic foothold can have an outbreak. Most schools have an action plan in place but there are things that you can do as a parent to help protect your child, family and home from a traumatic and expensive infestation.

Educate yourself:

Bed Bugs love to travel – they don’t care if your child’s backpack is made from leather or vinyl – they want to come home with you.

Ask your child’s school, school nurse, teacher, teachers aid – what action plan is in place so that you can best compliment their efforts.

Speak to your child and ask them to let you know if any of their friends have had an infestation from recent travel or if they see any bites on their skin.

Arm Yourself:

Bed bug and lice infestations are going to happen. The difference is if you are prepared and ready to act. Have your own action plan in place – remember your first line of defense is communication with your child. You may not hear about an infestation from your child’s school for days and by then there may be a breach. Make sure you talk with your child at the beginning of the school year and let them know what to look out for.

Your action plan should include:

- How to quarantine your child’s clothes and anything s/he has come in contact with

- What to do if you need to call in a professional

- How to check your child’s belongings

- What products should you have at the ready at home

- Products you should have at the ready include:

- Bedbug911 Exterminator Spray

- Bedbug911 Travel Spray

- Lice Essentials Line of Mousse, Shampoo, Detangler

- The phone number of reputable Licensed exterminator and prep company in the event of an infestation

Again any school can be stricken with an infestation regardless of proactive measures, but it its up to you to keep it from entering your home. Following these proactive measures as well as having a plan in place will help ensure that you are always at the ready to handle any such emergency.

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