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Computer malware when being executed causes much harm to the computer like, consuming up hard disk drive, connections, hacking personal data and information.


Colorado Springs, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/07/2013 -- There are some of the computer viruses that are causing a serious financial threat to computer users. Some of them are white screen virus, FBI virus and ICE virus that really scared many people all over the world recently.

The White Screen Virus is just a spyware disease that obstructs entry to the computer and shows a white screen when attempting to sign in to the Windows computer. After mounting, it locks the PC and shows a display that's obtaining focused and modifications with respect to the users location. That concept display cautions that the computer continues to be blocked from the regulators for breaking a few regulations and a fine must be compensated instantly to regain the use of the computer and to prevent pending legal charges along with extra penalties.

Individuals who got this computer virus can just only the cursor of their mouse on the display and enter the code of these cards to pay for the so-called penalty. Individuals believe this concept and paid the cash. They'll secure them again and request even more income the next time, even if they unlocked their computers for that second.

FBI virus is another virus the same as another one. One need certainly to deliver 100 bucks to uncover his/her computer, once the FBI malware has secured the computer. Normally, the PC is likely to be hijacked by the FBI Moneypak malware, by requesting fine as usual and obstructing the entire display.

The ICE virus being released recently to threat computer users mainly in the United States, is grouped as a computer virus that always claims to be from authorized businesses or organizations and demands specific quantity of fines from computer users to unlock their PCs.

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