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Guild Wars 2 Strategy Guide Review Website BestGW2Guide.com Reviews and Ranks Best Strategy Guides


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2012 -- Thousands of gamers are heading to the BestGW2Guide.com Guild Wars 2 Guide review website to find reviews on the best Guild Wars 2 Strategy guides. The strategy guide review website was developed by an avid gamer to assist Guild Wars 2 players in identifying the best Guild Wars 2 strategy guides to help them speed level through the game.

The recent release of Guild Wars 2 is taking the gaming world by storm as the return to Tyria 250 years beyond the time of the original Guild Wars immerses gamers into what many are calling the best MMORPG of all time. With the game’s 7 races—five of which are player character choices with thousands of possible builds, the complex concepts of cooking and crafting as well as the game’s 80 levels, in-depth knowledge is essential to leveling up quickly without spending vast amounts of time grinding.

The Guild Wars 2 Strategy Guide review website BestGW2Guide.com seeks to help novice and experienced players choose from among the best strategy guides available to quickly level up through the game. “The goal for novice and experienced players is to find a strategy guide that is comprehensive, easily searchable, and provides updates to help the player get through as many levels as possible in as little time as is necessary,” said the BestGW2Guide.com reviewer.

Since Guild Wars 2 will see updates over time, the reviewed guides are judged on the most vital portions of the game including Leveling, PVP, Crafting, Trade Post and of course, which guide is best for beginners. One of the primary criteria utilized to rank the guides is their ability help players level up via detailed steps in the fastest and most efficient way possible. Guild Wars 2 Leveling is of greatest importance to beginners of the game as they are learning all of the components of the expansive world in which it takes place.

Understanding how to navigate the trading post is vital to level cooking, crafting and having the best gear in the game. In addition, Guild Wars 2 Crafting is a vital part of strategy, and therefore a vital component to any guide. A Builds Guide is also vital to explain character and equipment attributes. As with most MMORPG’s, one of the best ways to win up items and weapons in the game is through PVP, so the guides are reviewed for their ability to introduce novice players to PVP. “Information contained in our top ranked guide is vast and substantially relevant while others on the list are works in progress with updates still forthcoming,” said the guide reviewer.

The top picks of the strategy guide review website utilizes additional criteria for ranking such as availability of updates and whether they are document and image-based, a combination of document, image and video, or fully video based with extensive image and text support. For more information, please visit http://www.bestgw2guide.com/

About BestGW2Guide.com
The website provides detailed reviews of the top strategy guides for the recently released Guild Wars 2 MMORPG. The reviewer ranks the top guides chosen based on core portions of the game including leveling, PVP, Crafting, Trade Post and which guide is best for beginners as well as experienced players. The review website also provides links to each strategy guide for detailed explanations and purchase.