Gulp Clear Water LLC Seeks Crowdfunding to Roll out Their Groundbreaking Water Purification/Hydroelectric Power System and Save the Salton Sea

Generating Clean Electricity While Purifying the Salton Sea, Gulp Clear Water Intends to Set the New Standard in the Remediation of Polluted And Otherwise Unsafe Water Supplies.


Lakeland, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/02/2014 -- The Salton Sea is California's largest lake. The rich natural resources and fertile soil within the Salton Basin have endless potential. All it has ever needed is proper care and a whole lot of clean water. The Sea is a stopover point in migratory patterns of birds giving refuge to as many as 3 million birds on any given day in winter. All told, The Salton Sea has the second highest count of wildlife diversity in the United States. It’s also got a very serious problem threatening much of its wildlife.

The Salton Sea is a sea in the middle of a desert. It’s in very bad shape and only getting worse. The Sea’s salinity has increased due to its only source of water coming from agricultural runoff. Algae blooms are also a major problem for the water quality in the sea. As a result, The Salton Sea has developed 25% higher salinity than the average ocean making it difficult for fish to survive let alone thrive. If there is fish die-off, a cascading effect will severely impact the ecological balance of the entire region. Bird and fish die-offs are common. In 1999, over 7 million fish died in just a few days time due to the poor water quality.

About The Salton Sea
The Salton Sea is a crucial resource to the state of California, the western hemisphere and the rest of the world. If it dries up, it will become a cancerous dust cloud as the concentrated toxic sediment is exposed to the wind. Many other lakes and reservoirs around the world are heading down this path.

That’s where Gulp Clear Water’s water system can make a difference and turn everything around. By utilizing a proprietary and programmable blend of advanced purification media, along with the next generation of germicidal technology, they are able to deliver pure, inexpensive water from any source which costs only a fraction of present-day water purification systems. This process utilizes both FDA approved technologies and the United States CDC (BAT) Best Available Technologies for water purification.

Thanks to their advanced technologies utilizing UVC Germicidal LED's for killing microorganisms at the optimal germicidal wavelength, even the strongest microorganisms are precisely disassembled at the thiamine base level. This wavelength of light also breaks down chemicals into less harmful sub-components in a process known as Photo-chemical Oxidation. All current technology is not even close in efficacy and efficiency.

Not stopping there, additional equipment will allow the recycled, purified water processed through the Gulp Clear Water System to create massive amounts of hydroelectric energy. They will be placing hydro-electric turbines at strategic locations to generate the maximum amount of energy with zero impact on the environment in any form.

This flexible funding crowdfunding campaign will end on October 21, 2014.
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