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Gummi USA Expands Interchange Listings to Benefit Clients

Gummi USA has expanded upon the interchange listings so that their clients can have more selection, ease of use, reduction of downtime and lost production.


Spring, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/05/2016 -- Gummi USA has expanded upon its selection of interchangeable parts so that their clients will have more variety in their selection. Expanding upon the listings that can be interchanged reduces downtime, boosts productivity, and can keep costs down for their clients. Meeting these client demands shows Gummi USA's commitment to their clientele and their willingness to help them streamline their operations.

Gummi USA services the oilfield, mining, manufacturing, and marine industries. They understand that their clients need the convenience of being able to select from a broader variety of brands of interchangeable parts. They want to make sure that the client can get back to work as fast as possible. In the industries they serve, having the right parts available is important in continuing a job. They provide power parts to a variety of industries that include oil and gas drilling, pulp and paper production, mining, concrete aggregate, and many more. Gummi USA makes sure that their clients have the best selection of interchangeable clutches and brakes, couplings, and power products to ensure operations remain constant and suffer setbacks and downtime as little as possible.

Interchangeability has always been an important part of Gummi USA's core business. They know how important having those parts in stock and quickly getting them to the client can be. This is why they have announced the addition of one and the expansion of other interchangeable listings.

Gummi USA has added many new parts to the existing interchangeable list to expand the selection their clients can enjoy and utilize. They have added new interchangeable parts to the already extensive catalogue of Eaton Airflex. This will help the many clients that utilize these brakes to be able to select replaceable parts from Gummi USA, allowing clients to have the speed and trusted service of Gummi USA to rely upon. Expanding the interchangeable catalogue of Eaton Airflex is just one of the expansions that the clients of Gummi USA get to reap the benefits of. They have also added more NOV (National Oilwell Varco) interchangeable listings, as well as Falk. They have also added new listings available for the Wichita models. These are all new expansions that Gummi USA has provided to better serve their clients and meet their demands.

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Gummi USA is a leading designer, manufacturer, and distributor of power transmission products for oilfields, mining, manufacturing, and marine industries worldwide. They provide lines of high quality core products that include air clutches and brakes, couplings, rotary units, and friction materials. They offer many unique parts and are supported by a solution-driven customer service center and an efficient global distribution network to keep their clients drilling, moving, and operating. Gummi USA believes in power parts and flexible solutions.

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