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Gummi USA Remains a Leading Provider, Designer, and Manufacturer of Parts for Oil Field, Manufacturing, Mining, and Marine Industries Through Further Education

Gummi USA has committed themselves to continually providing, designing, manufacturing, and distributing parts and service for their clientele. They achieve this, in no small manner, through their focus on education, research, and development.


Spring, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/22/2016 -- Gummi USA had a humble beginning as a distributor of rubber gland couplings in 1968 and has since then grown into a global operation in which they produce a range of power transmission products with many different uses. Their work ethic and customer service capabilities are renown in industrial circles. These industry professionals have a simple philosophy they like to work by. They believe in delivering high power parts and flexible solutions. Their team has remarkable customer service abilities and they are available 24/7 for real time solutions. Gummi's solution-driven customer service center is geared up and ready to take the orders and inquiries of all clientele needing help with their operations. They understand how missing one part can hold up work, production, and shipments and believe that their clients should be able to start operating correctly as soon as possible, while having access to any part needed, anytime and anywhere.

Their founder spent sixteen years touring oil fields, mines, marine dry docks, and manufacturers to study their wants and needs and be able to bring his philosophy of parts and service to these industries. His designers and engineers continually further their education to meet and exceed industrial codes and standards. They remain up to date on techniques and materials along with research and development. Gummi USA devotes time, effort, and money into providing quality products that lead the industry in strength and durability. This attests to their focus on education and safety.

Gummi believes that it is important to design, provide, and manufacture the highest quality parts for their customers. Gummi USA ensures that the best materials are used with the most precise welding, milling, and processing methods available today. They understand the important rule that having the best products on the job will help make everything more efficient. They offer seven thousand unique parts ,which gives their clients great selection and precision when ordering.

Gummi also believes in their clients receiving their parts in the fastest manner, and they have developed a global distribution network to aid this process. Some of Gummi USA parts are interchangeable. This way, their client's operations can get back on track with little to no hassle. They take pride in offering their parts and services with great value, availability, and reliability. More information can be found at

Being one of the largest manufacturers of air clutches and brakes, they are proud of the fact that their drop-in replacement parts exceed OEM standards. Gummi believes in a smooth efficient workday and that is why they are committed to providing their clients with the best quality and most advanced parts available. With Gummi USA as a provider, bad, inefficient, or defective parts are problems of the past.

About Gummi USA
Gummi USA's mission has always been to provide their customers with high performing products that withstand the most demanding applications. With a mission like that, there is no wonder why Gummi USA has become a global leader in the power transmission products industry. Doing business with them ensures their clientele access to get parts, gain knowledge, and excel at the field they work in.

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