PR Agency Offering Custom Gumshields at Affordable Prices for Rising Sporting Talents


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/09/2016 --, an online store that stocks protective devices for sportspersons, recently started selling protective gumshields for young sportspersons. The online store sells now custom gumshields at affordable prices for school kids who have picked up some form of contact sports. The custom gumshields that the Dorset based gumshields manufacturing company offers can be very effective in injury prevention and reduction.

Custom gumshields can be highly effective in minimizing the impact of direct frontal blow, according to the manufacturers. A frontal blow to the upper jaw can lead to irreversible damage or complete loss of teeth, and lifelong deformity and concussion are two other possible consequences. The manufacturers at maintained that their custom gumshields are also effective in protecting lower jaw from the indirect impact of any frontal blow. A powerful frontal blow can indirectly impact the lower jaw and teeth and can also result in serious injuries such and gum and jaw damage as well as concussion.

"We offer custom gumshields to rising athletes and promising talents who want to avert the risks of serious injuries at all costs. These custom protective mouthpieces can fit snugly into the mouth as the mouthpieces are modelled according to the exact specifications of the mouth of the user. These mouthpieces do not hinder breathing, do not move or become unstable during intense physical activities. Our custom gumshields also reduce speech hindrance", said a top official of He also added that the gumshields are recommended and approved by British Dental Health Foundation., a subsidiary of Bridge Dental Laboratory, also has its own research and development wing that work towards development of innovative dentures., however, is committed to developing gumshields only that are used by sportspersons, especially who are into hockey, boxing, fencing and wrestling.

The managing director of recently told the press that they are now offering a wide variety of colour options to their buyers. "Those who are interested in buying these custom-designed protective mouthpieces need to get an impression kit. However, these mouthpieces are quite different from orthodontic fixtures and Gumshields.ocm does not sell this type of fixtures", told the managing director.

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