Electronic Transfer

Firearms Dealer Gun Merchant Account Redesigns Website

Gunmerchantaccount.com Sets Up Firearms Dealer Merchant Services For Gun Dealers Who Need to Accept Credit Cards Online.


Spokane, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/20/2012 -- Gun Merchant Account has redesigned their website for setting up online FFL Firearms Dealers for them to obtain online Credit Card Processing. GunMerchantAccount.com is one of the only internet credit card processing companies that offers online firearms and ammo sellers the ability to accept online payments.

In addition to offering one of the most robust fraud prevention and protection services for online payments Gun Merchant Account offers total processing solutions. From gun shows, mobile payments using the iPhone, Android or mobile credit card terminals they also offer ecommerce shopping carts and secure credit card processing.

GunMerchantAccount.com offers internet e-commerce processing plans as well as offline credit and debit card processing for legal gun dealers and ammo sales with processing rates as low as lower risk merchants.

With their country blocking, advanced fraud screening such as Address Verification, CVV Verification and “ship to address verification” GMA offers gun dealers the ability to collect payments without worrying about possible fraud.

Gun Merchant Account processes through Electronic Transfer, Inc., a 23 year old credit card processing company specializing in online and mobile payments for gun dealers. The company offers new lower credit card processing fees for legal U.S. FFL Federal Firearm Dealers.

For more information, visit GMA’s web site at http://www.gunmerchantaccount.com or call 1-800-459-0625