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Gun Dogs Unlimited Brings Hope to Small Business Owners

Gun dogs unlimited is dedicated to connecting hunters with good gun dogs. They also teach hunters how to train their gun dogs.


Cleveland, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/29/2012 -- Cleveland, Georgia, Gun Dogs Unlimited, a service provider for outdoor enthusiasts, announced the launch of their brand new website. The website will feature outdoor related companies such as gun dog kennels, breeders, hunting outfitters, and wildlife artists. The launch of their website offers the small business that they are affiliated and partnered with a chance to grow.

The US economy has been tough on small businesses in recent times. Many small business owners are struggling to survive and the economy has not gotten any better. Gun Dogs Unlimited is affiliated with many outdoor related companies for gun dog hunting and wishes to help them grow along with their company.

“If there’s one thing that’s certain throughout these hard economic times, it’s that people are putting more value and effort into growing their small businesses,” said Gun Dogs Unlimited CEO Chris Gaines. “We felt as if by offering a website dedicated to connecting hunters with these businesses, we could not only offer a chance for these small businesses to grow, but we could also capitalize on the chance to connect hunters with different gun dog breeders from around the nation.

Although there are outdoor related companies that offer similar services, Gun Dogs Unlimited intends to offer more, having developed a first class website for businesses owners to showcase what they have to offer. “At Gun Dogs Unlimited you’ll be able to find just about anything,” Gaines continued. “Our lineup of outdoor businesses will offer hunters outdoor artwork, puppies for sale, hunting trips, and gun dog training articles.

Outdoor hunting has been an American tradition with many historical and influential leaders enjoying this sport as a big part of their lives. It is also part of Gun Dogs Unlimited’s mission to “preserve the gun dog heritage”. With their new website launched, the small businesses featured there can take part and contribute to achieving this mission.

Gun Dogs Unlimited’s pursuit to connect these small businesses with gun dog hunters throughout the country is what helps preserve the gun dog heritage. Their aim is to raise the popularity of this well loved sport to let it continue strongly as it had been before for future generations to come and to grow the current gun dog hunting community. By featuring the best products and services from quality small business companies, it is uplifting the prestige of this sport.

Gun Dogs Unlimited opened their current website in November, and plans on adding a clothing line in the near future. “Our goal is to allow businesses to achieve maximum growth, while connecting hunters with a resource to find nationwide hunting dogs, and outdoor related listings. ” Gaines said.

Gun Dogs Unlimited’s new website has started their path to achieving their goal. The affiliated small businesses that are listed on their website have more visibility now and are in better reach for gun dog hunting enthusiasts.

Gun Dogs Unlimited is America’s #1 source for gun dog hunting enthusiasts. Gun dog hunters can find everything they need for gun dog hunting on their website. Hunters can start looking for quality gun dog equipment and products and even gun dog training material on their website

About Gun Dogs Unlimited
Gun Dogs Unlimited is America’s #1 source for gun dog hunting enthusiasts. It’s newly launched website features various outdoor related companies such as gun dog kennels, breeders, hunting outfitters, and wildlife artists. For more information, contact Chris Gaines at or 334-590-9671.