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Gun Mate Updating Its Website Soon for Better Shopping Experience

The website of Gun Mate will be having some tweaks in the near future with the business promising better navigational experience.


Carlton, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/16/2014 -- Since it was launched, Gun Mate has established itself as a reliable business that provides quality gun accessories mostly in the Australian region. While its website is already considered up-to-date, its CEO says that it still needs a little tweaking for better navigation. Compared to other e-commerce websites, Gun Mate has provided a simple, no-fuss design. It’s clean with its forest backdrop and products are arranged according to categories, making it easy for potential buyers to easily find the one they are looking for.

So what prompted the CEO to initiate the change? According to him, it is a common business practice to make services readily available through the use of websites. And since one cannot directly drop a sales pitch to visitors, the website is the only tool that an online business like Gun Mate could use to make a sale. He also mentioned that the overall experience of the visitor while on the website could make or break possible business relationships on the future.

Just like other websites, Gun Mate will be revamped to include better computer and mobile experience. It will be noted that most people are now using their mobile phones for online payments, shopping, and social media use. The company is banking on this idea and is making arrangements to make its mobile interface more usable for the buyer. It is noticeable that the “add to cart” function using its mobile interface has some slight issues. This is just one of the things the business will be looking into.

When it comes to payments, it is easy to see that the company is geared towards attracting an English-speaking audience. Prices are only stated in the dollar currency and there is no option to change this. If it wants to attract the international market, it may need to take note of this too in their list.

Will the change be grandiose for the website to feel and look absolutely different? Aaron Mulligan, gun safe expert at Gun Mate, says that it will be significant but not in a way that this will be entirely different. He said this, “The changes that will be seen in the website are mostly technical such as better upload time and if all works out, liven it up with a bit of visual changes. For now, we are still collecting some ideas from internal and external sources and deliberating which of these should be implemented. Nevertheless, we are promising a better and improved feel to it.”

About Gun Mate™
Gun Mate™ is business centered in the sale of gun safes and cases including other types of gun accessories. It’s a strong advocate of safe gun use and hence most of its products are used for this purpose. If you want more information, simply contact Aaron Mulligan at or catch him at his Facebook, Twitter or Google+ accounts.