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Gun Mate's New Trail Camera Launching in the Market Soon


Carlton, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/20/2014 -- The company Gun Mate, a provider of gun safes and other types of gun accessories, has been easily welcomed by gun and hunting enthusiasts for a valid reason. Its success is attributed to its solid determination to only provide reliable and quality products to its buyers while taking into account their budget. Just recently, one its executives said that it will be rolling out its newest trail camera out in the market soon. While the company is still secretive about the features of the said product, it hinted that it will rival any of the best trail cameras available online.

It can be recalled that in March 2010, the Raptor WiFi camera system was introduced to the market. It was the very first to feature the use a WiFi access point. Once this camera captures a photo with its motion-activation feature, the photo will be transmitted through a WiFi access point and after 30 seconds, this will be sent to the user’s email. The photo can then be easily accessed through a PC or a cell phone. Its battery was capable of lasting for 3 months but when purchased with a Solar Panel, this can be left unattended for a year. This trail camera made the work of hunters easier as one no longer needed to check their electronic spies constantly in the field while homeowners are easily alerted if any unwanted animals are lurking in their yards or fields. Raptor WiFi cameras retailed at $999.95 to $1,549.95 depending on add-ons.

Two years later after the release of the Raptor WiFi camera, ICOtec took on a different approach. Instead of offering trail cameras that were overly complicated, its Sasquatch line was engineered for simplicity and ease of use without necessarily compensating for needed features. Compact, extended battery life, 5.0 megapixel images and an internal memory of 128MB are just some of the features that the TC50 and TC55 have. What made these attractive over other counterparts are their very affordable prices.

The trail cameras in Gun Mate are currently priced anywhere from $279 to $399. When Aaron Mulligan, the lead gun information content writer for Gun Mate, was asked if the new camera will be as expensive and elaborate as the Raptor WiFi series or will this be a no-fuss, affordable model like the ICOtec cameras, he only laughed and said this,” I don’t want to spoil the surprise. But as you can see in our website, our products are very affordable. Our company wants people to think that they can engage in sports like hunting without the need to break their budgets. Will this be affordable as our other trail camera products and as feature-rich as the ones currently being sold in the market? All I can say is that we pride ourselves for having products that are durable and up-to-date.”

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GunMate™ is an online retail store that provides gun safes, gun cases, trail cameras and other types of gun accessories. Its main goal is to provide gun owners the ability to own guns while keeping their own family safe from the common hazards of owning a one. For more information, contact Aaron Mulligan at or catch him at his Facebook, Twitter or Google+ accounts.