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Gun Safe Critic Announces Top Three Biometric Gun Safes for Ultimate Firearm Security

Gun Safe Critic has spent a great deal of time reviewing the latest gun safe releases in the market, and has now announced the three best biometric safes, offering the latest and best in security.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/16/2014 -- Firearms are commonplace in America, but that does not mean they should be treated lightly. Firearms have the ability to kill, and as such, need to be locked away securely when not in use, especially in homes with young children. Keeping guns secure requires a gun safe, and there are a great many on the market. reviews these to give consumers practical buying advice, and has released its list of the best biometric safes to give users the ultimate in security.

Biometric safes have a great many advantages over conventional safes, as unlike common combination locks or keys, the means to open the safe cannot be stolen by another, meaning only the owner and user of the gun can gain access to it through their unique fingerprint.

Gun Safe Critic has named the Gunvault MV500-STD Microvault Pistol Vault the best biometric safe, with a four-fingerprint scanner and key lock offering peerless security for the best value in the current market. Coming a close second was the more expensive and heavy-duty Viking Security Safe VS-25BM Biometric, which beat out the BARSKA Biometric only because of its better value, with the BARSKA in fact receiving a higher overall rating.

A spokesperson for explained, “Biometrics offers the ultimate in security, and prevents anyone but the responsible owner from accessing the weapon. Our top rated safe has a 16-gauge steel exterior construction weighing five pounds, making it both portable enough to be transported easily but secure enough to prevent access without the requisite combination. The unique locking mechanism means the fingers must be placed on the pressure pads in sequence to unlock, giving it a double redundancy. As such, we highly recommend the product, not only for its top of the line features but for its accessible price tag, meaning a secure safe needn’t break the bank.”

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