GunBoxLive - The Innovative Gun Safety Solution That Saves Lives

GunBoxLive is a groundbreaking wireless alert system for gun storage that not only helps in securing valuable items but also helps protect the lives of the ones we love. It is currently up for funding on Indiegogo for facilitating its mass production


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/15/2014 -- The possession of guns in the house for safety proposes often creates a lot of issues regarding security and protection of the love ones at home. With an aim to address this issue, a a wireless, energy efficient portable personal security system for gun storage called GunBoxLive has been conceptualized and created. The innovative device alarms the gun owner if and when their gun case case is tampered with, opened or stolen. For completing various stages of its mass production, MVP Group, the company which created GunBoxLive, is seeking flexible funding of $100,000 through its newly established Indiegogo page which will remain open for pledgers till May 31, 2014.

Almost everyone owns a gun but not all of them can claim to be responsible fire arms owners. The very motto of GunBoxLive is ‘Protecting the One You Love’ and this is exactly what the device does when it instantly alerts the owner if their firearm storage case is ever moved or tampered with in any way through prompt text or email alerts that will be delivered straight to their Apple or Android smart device.

GunBoxLive works with most gun cases and can easily be set up within seconds. Users are enabled to activate GunBoxLive features that will help them alert authorities and/or others, in case their gun is stolen, and generate a real time map with exact locations to recover it. Not only does GunBoxLive help protect the lives of those in the house, but it also secures other valuables items such as cars, bicycles, prescription medications, collectables and jewelry. Every contributor who pledges to donate towards the funding of this safety essential will be receiving a token of appreciation, a gift or an exciting perk, depending on the amount they pledge on the Indiegogo page.

"For me GunBoxLive is the ideal solution to the problem of gun theft and safely securing firearms properly from unintended use of children. If I would have had GunBoxLive 5 years ago I would have avoided the loss of 2 very expensive hand guns,” states Stuart Williams, Hunter, Columnist.

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