Joe Bragg Features the World's Largest Selection of Magpul PMAGs and Surefire Magazines


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/05/2013 -- Smart gun owners know that gun ownership comes with a number of important responsibilities. Owning a sufficient amount of ammunition is one of those responsibilities.

At, visitors will discover one of the world’s largest selections of ammunition for a wide range of firearms. In fact, the website promises to have the world’s largest selection of Magpul PMAGs, Glock, Tapco, and Surefire magazines in stock anywhere in the world.

The website features a simple design. On the website’s homepage, visitors will find pictures and a brief description of all magazines currently sold by the site. Visitors can select the appropriate magazine from a number of popular categories, including:

- Magpul PMAG
- Glock
- Surefire
- ProMag
- AK-47
- And more

In total, the website features nearly two dozen different magazine categories, making it easy for owners of any type of firearms to find the ammunition they need. After clicking on the category of magazines they need, visitors are greeted with a number of additional ammunition options. Under the ‘TAPCO mags’ category, for example, shoppers can choose from among eight different types of TAPCO magazines.

A spokesperson for explains how many different types of magazines are available:

“Whether the customer is searching for TAPCO magazines or magazines for other types of firearms, we aim to offer a wide selection of options. For TAPCO magazines in particular, we offer eleven different products, including a 10 pack of TAPCO intrafuse magazine AK-47 7.62x39mm Russian 30-round polymer ammunition as well as FDE and SKS products and other options. No matter which types of magazines the shopper is looking for, our goal is to have that type of magazine available for a fair price through our site.”

While there are eleven different TAPCO magazine options for sale, there are an even greater number of Magpul PMAG magazines available. With 37 magazines in total, the Magpul PMAG brand is one of the most diverse ranges available to gun owners today. In states like Colorado, where recent laws limiting gun owners to 15-round magazines recently came into effect, Magpul PMAG magazines are in particularly high demand.

Whether searching for the right AK-47 magazines or simply looking for a website that has PMAG in stock, aims to feature the world’s widest selection of magazines for a number of different firearms.

About is an online gun magazine warehouse that claims to offer the world’s largest selection of Magpul PMAGs, Glock, TAPCO, and Surefire magazines. Visitors can order all products directly through the website. For more information, please visit: