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Guns For Sale Australia to Offer Trade-Ins on Used Guns for Money off Items in Store

Guns For Sale Australia has a new and unique system that allows them to buy and sell guns online, and they have now launched a trade-in system for used weapons.


Melbourne, VIC -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/27/2014 -- Australia is a place where firearms have been strictly controlled, and has attracted bad press in the past due to poor regulation. Now however the country has struck the right balance and gun owners can purchase firearms responsibly. Guns For Sale Australia ( sells new and used firearms to licensed individuals and has now innovated a system by which they can buy and sell guns online. They are using this system to offer a trade-in service in which people can exchange used guns for cash off anything in stock.

Guns For Sale Australia offers new rifles, military rifles, handguns, pump action shotguns, rimfire rifles and standard shotguns, and has used items for sale in all these varieties also. Any used firearm can be used to be refurbished for resale on the site or be stripped for parts to help maintain their stock, enabling the store to offer money off purchases or a straight payout.

The site shows its full catalogue in high quality imagery, accompanied by detailed product descriptions and clear pricing so everyone knows what they are buying. The descriptions include what principle uses each gun is good for, from personal protection to quail hunting.

A spokesperson for explained, “We are pleased to announce that the innovations we have come up with in our sales practices also allow us to purchase used weapons from customers as well. This means great trade-in rates or competitive used gun deals for people looking to offload old models, this helps us expand our catalogue of used items for the bargain hunters out there. A well maintained gun or accessory has all the longevity and usefulness of a new firearm, and can make a more affordable alternative to purchasing new. This system therefore benefits us and customers in multiple ways.”

About Guns For Sale Australia
Guns For Sale Australia is a new and revolutionary gun dealer in Australia now selling firearms nationwide through their online store. The store features new and used guns, and even accepts trade-ins of used guns for refurbishment and parts. The store also stocks a huge range of accessories to provide everything users need.

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