Now Announces the Availability of Biometric Gun Safes from Eminent Manufacturer


Sandpoint, ID -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/23/2015 -- is now announcing the availability of a wide range of biometric gun safes from big brands. The company stocks best-in-class functionality biometric gun safes. These gun safes belong to top-notch manufacturers such as Browning, Liberty Gun, Fortress and many more. Their Browning M40F Gun Safe Medallion Series: 22-43 is very attractive and comes with optional accessories such as drawer, barrel rack, pistol rack, jewelry box and so on. This biometric gun safe by Browning is made with solid steel and has a highly attractive enamel gloss finish. These unique safes are made as per the customer's order. This safe has a highly-protective locking mechanism that uses OmniBarrier® and Uni-Force™ Systems. This safe is also fire-proof as it is completed with a Therma block of 1700° F. This fireproof gun safe is ideal for storing and protecting firearms, jewelry and important documents. also sells pistol and handgun safes from other big manufacturers. With them, customers get only superlative quality gun safes products that are highly-practical and durable. Customers can visit their website for more product details along with prices.

Talking more about their biometric gun safe, one of the representatives, Jason Guerrettaz, CEO of United Commerce Group, owner of stated, "Biometric systems offer some unique advantages, especially in the ways of identifying and authenticating human beings. Only biometric systems base authentication of identity on an intrinsic physiological or behavioral trait of a human being. Physiological means related to the body - examples include but are not limited to fingerprints, face recognition, DNA, or iris recognition; whereas behavioral examples include but are not limited to voice, typing rhythm, and gait also known as body mechanics."

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