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Guru Traffic Now Releases the SEO Checklist to Improve Website Performance


Absecon, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/25/2013 -- Building an online business takes a good deal of work, dedication and skill in order to make it successful. Of the many skills needed to insure that a website maximizes its profit potential is bringing in the most amount of people who are interested in purchasing the product or service that is begin provided.

SEO or search engine optimization is perhaps the most popular marketing strategy on the internet. Unlike advertising which reaches out to find potential customers, SEO is a passive method of marketing that pulls customers in naturally by optimizing their content to rank prominently on popular search engine websites.

For those who want to optimize the content on their website in order to get better rankings on search result pages, here is an actual seo checklist to follow so that your content is fully maximized for SEO.

Write Good Quality Content

The ranking of articles, product descriptions and even image captions that are geared for SEO should be good, original and informative. Gone are the days when websites could simple blanket keywords into content that made little sense. You have to give your potential customers something good to read.

Appropriate Keywords

Keyword research is an essential part of SEO marketing. But many online business owners do not choose wisely when it comes to picking the right keywords. Remember that its quality, not quantity that counts in selecting the right keywords and key phrases that get the responses from people who are most likely to purchase from your business. The goal here it not just to generate traffic, but get the kind of traffic that creates purchases.

Social Media

The importance of social media has grown tremendously over the past few years. Websites that best incorporate social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the like will see their ranking status improve on search result pages. This means that a strong presence on social media sites is highly recommended.

Link Building

Essentially, this means linking good, original content found on other websites into the article or content that you are writing. Good link building bolsters your content and can lead to higher rankings on search engines. Be sure to add a few good web links to content that is appropriate for the subject matter of your article.

When in Doubt, Focus on Quality

There has been some major shifting in how Google and other prominent search engine sites rank content. The most important factor in all of this is quality. The focus of Google has been to eliminate the spammy, low-content websites that essentially trick potential customers or worse, infect their computers with viruses.

Over the years, these search engine sites have focused more and more on providing good, solid quality for those who type in queries into the search engine. This means that for your website to succeed, good or “white hat” strategies on pulling in customers are the most recommended.

If you follow this simple SEO checklist, you can certainly improve the ranking your content enjoys on popular search engine websites. The more you improve your SEO, the more potential customers will visit your website.

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