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Diet Doc Explores Gut Bacteria and Its Potential to Cause Weight Gain and Prevent Fast Weight Loss

Diet Doc’s clean eating diet plans teach patients the importance of choosing clean foods to nourish the body while balancing essential gut bacteria for improved health and a longer, healthier life


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/20/2015 -- Much like a computer, the body is an intricate machine that requires millions of components, all working in perfect balance to keep it healthy and running optimally. One of the mechanisms that must work in unison is, little talked about, gut bacteria. The gut is full of microflora, which is good gut bacteria, as well as bad bacteria and pathogens. This combination works together to metabolize foods and protect against illness and disease. And, while it is not clear whether an imbalance of gut bacteria actually causes obesity, it is clear that certain bacteria in the gut causes the body to take more calories from food, inevitably leading to weight gain.

Diet Doc understands that most people do not have a nutritional or medical background and, for this reason, they created their clean eating diet plans that leave their patients satiated while preventing an imbalance of critical gut bacteria. Diet Doc patients work closely with the company's expert fast weight loss doctors, nurses and nutritional experts who review the system to uncover sources of weight gain that may have been overlooked in the past. Patients learn how and why particular lifestyle patterns can encourage imbalanced gut bacteria that can leave them more susceptible to disease and weight gain, including poor diet, stress, lack of sleep, or even antibiotics and other prescription medications.

While many patients, desperate to lose 100 pounds or more, turn to Diet Doc in a desperate attempt to finally find a safe, healthy and fast road to restoring their figure and regaining their health, many others have simply reached a weight loss plateau, finding it impossible to lose that final 10-20 pounds. And, because Diet Doc's clean eating diet plans are not one-size-fits-all and are designed to be compatible with each patient's specific age, gender, nutritional needs, medical conditions and specific circumstance, more Diet Doc patients are finding weight loss success. In fact, a recent in-house survey revealed that over 25,000 actual patients lost 20 or more pounds per month simply by following the guidance of the Diet Doc experts.

The company's nutritionists work closely with each patient to develop clean eating diet plans that are rich in essential nutrients, improving the digestive system, while promoting fast weight loss and balancing bacteria in the gut. They teach patients how to begin breaking bad eating habits and how to choose healthy, clean foods that will leave them feeling full and satisfied to keep the body operating like a well-oiled machine. For even faster weight loss results, many qualified patients incorporate one or more of Diet Doc's specially formulated, pure prescription diet products that work flawlessly with the clean eating diet plans to target and force excess fat stores out of the cells and into the bloodstream to be burned and quickly flushed from the system, while also helping patients stick to their goals by eliminating hunger, cravings and fatigue during dieting.

By partnering with Telemedicine, Diet Doc has the ability to help people in even the most remote areas of the country and offers their personal services via phone or Skype. Their clean eating diet plans are all-inclusive and include doctor and nutritionist consultations to monitor progress and comfort level, prescription diet products delivered directly to each patient's home that are manufactured in the U.S. in FDA approved, fully licensed pharmacies, as well as access to their team of fast weight loss professionals on an unlimited basis throughout. For this reason, Diet Doc has quickly become a leader in the medical weight loss industry and invites those who have been unsuccessful in the past to call or visit today.

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