Guukle Goes Berserk with Unexpected 350% Growth aims to help them achieve their dreams and objectives.


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/12/2012 -- Guukle, a provider of guidance and free advice for people who want to change careers, look for jobs, explore post-graduate education or start over, has gone berserk with its unexpected 350% growth in October 2012.

"We are just six months old and we had never imagined this kind of buzz", says Lucas Bowen, owner of The service provider opened its doors to the World in April 2012 and during the first few months of its existence the team was 100% focused upon building and adding value. "Nobody really thought of Marketing. Basically, we did nothing", Lucas continues and as a consequence there were only 1,500 visitors up to August. September saw 900 visitors and then "October explosion" as the team jokes, with more than 3,100 in total.

In just 6 months, Guukle has attracted 7,500 visitors stopping by; 15% of which are "returners". "We are particularly proud of our returning visitors. This means, to us, that people who return find genuine value, and this is what it's all about", Lucas concludes.

For him and the small team this is a very big achievement. The first milestones have already been passed and new stretch goals are set. "We want to grow. We want to be bigger, better, faster and become your single and most valuable Jobs, Careers and Education stop online. We don't want to do what everybody else does, and we know it will work. We have already seen this, even if we are just a few months into it. So now it's a matter of scaling and expanding everything. That said, we won't lose touch with our core values and will never grow to a size where we sacrifice the interaction with anyone looking for help or advice", as Lucas sums it up.

Lucas is constantly on the lookout for new, creative and unseen ways to offer support. He and the team are very attuned to responding to visitor needs, desires and gaps so he encourages everyone to leave a comment and share their thoughts of what would be truly valuable job, careers and educational intelligence. "At Guukle you should be able to find unique information not available anywhere else", Lucas continues. Good examples on this are such like the focus on getting a job in the USA during challenging economic times or which questions you should ask in an interview? "Or what about our list of 100 star interview questions", his college chips in. provides free advice and guidance for people who want to change careers, to look for jobs, to start a new business or to start over. Whatever their starting point is, aims to help them achieve their dreams and objectives.

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