Calls out to Collaboration Partners for Real Change


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/14/2013 -- "It's been an amazing ride, but we haven't even started yet"

"We strive for authority. Our ultimate goal is to be regarded a premier site on the net in the scope of valuable content, information and advice provision to anyone who seeks a career change, contemplates an education, looks to change or get a job, or someone who wants to pursue a long dream of starting your their own business", says Lucas, owner of

Just a few months old, Guukle is on the path to success. So far more than 25,000 people have stopped by to peruse the content of information and advice. "This is great and we are thrilled with the initial success", says Lucas. Initial successes is content focusing on optimizing a job resume , getting a job with the federal government , or looking for life changing Ted talks . But Lucas also elaborates that to make real change, major scaling is necessary. "And this can only be done through collaboration".

Guukle works with a network of topic specific experts to assure that any piece of content published is unique, professional, well written and fulfils the overarching goal to provide distinct value to any visitor. "To make real change we must go beyond what we currently do, so we have decided to call out for help, for support and for collaboration", says Lucas

Effective immediately, Guukle invites professionals, experts, companies, industry guru's etc. simply anyone who'd be interested to share their knowledge, expertise and experience to collaborate with them. Guukle wishes to extent it's reach, to make real difference and to make absolutely sure that the experience of stopping by Guukle is a great one, and one that is remembered and shared.

"Essentially we look for synergies - 1+1=3. If we can help our visitors and those who spend time with us, our ultimate goal is reached. We are open to any kind of suggestion and very flexible. Anyone who has a desire, like we, to make a real difference, to contribute to helping others is a potential partner of ours and one that we'd like to hear from", concludes Lucas

For details please contact Lucas Bowen.

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Owner: Lucas Bowen