Guy Archbold

Guy Archbold Creates Blog Helping Small Businesses Reap Big Rewards on Green Energy

Guy Archbold has led the field in alternative energy for small to medium-sized businesses and has created a new blog to explain how green is not only better for the planet, but best for business.


Folsom, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/23/2014 -- The green revolution, though a lot of people talk about it, is still taking place at a crawling pace, and one many data center scientists agree is not fast or aggressive enough to make real and lasting improvements to the current deterioration of the environment. Meanwhile, there is a large business revolution ongoing in which small businesses are better poised than ever to cut into market share through the increasing ease of globalization and online business. Bringing the two together is the mission of Guy Archbold, a tech and green energy mogul who has been working towards bringing experts together to discuss green energy applications for small business.

Guy Archbold has been introducing small businesses to the concept of energy efficiency within business practice, looking at not only switching out conventional highly consumptive resources for more efficient ones, but actively monitoring and optimizing energy use and distribution through the latest technologies, many of which are available through his own environmentally friendly tech company, Rackwise Inc.

Guy Archbold has been extremely busy the past few months and the key message is that investment in efficiency solutions will repay dividends in savings further down the line.

A spokesperson for Guy Archbold explained, “Guy Archbold understands that Green energy, sustainability and business efficiency are actually all moving in the same direction. By investing in green energy and sustainable solutions, businesses actually make themselves more efficient and lower their bottom line, allowing them to make bigger profits. Guy as taken every opportunity, opening and participating in numerous forums to explain effective monitoring of energy consumption and how consumption can lead to maximizing efficiency to make businesses more successful and protecting the planet at the same time. It is one of the most important things for small businesses owners to invest in to increase their capacity for dynamic growth.”

About Guy Archbold
Mr. Archbold joined Rackwise, Inc. as its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in September 2011, bringing with him an excess of 35 years in senior management and entrepreneurial experience in Finance, Investment Banking, Merchant Banking, Venture Capital, Portfolio Management, and Alternative Green Energy. In addition to his advocacy work in green energy and tech applications, Mr. Archbold has taken an active role in the data center software community both on and offline. For more information please visit: