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Guys with Rides Receives U.S. Trademark Approval for Name and Logo


Flemington, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/20/2020 -- What's in a name? For Guys With Rides, it represents the community's heart and soul they built from the ground up.

The name and logo for Guys With Rides have acted as a rallying point for like-minded car enthusiasts everywhere. It became a sign they had a place where they could come, talk about the classic cars they poured their hearts into, and make deals for these classic cars without going through a dealer. After successfully filing the trademark for the Guys with Rides name and logo, Rudy and the team can focus on continuing to build the only dealer-free classic car community for collector car enthusiasts everywhere!

Successfully filing the trademark means that Guys With Rides' name and logo are protected under United States trademark law. Rudy and the team want their community members to recognize the classic car community they have built up remains protected and can be promoted to help increase the community's size. The Guys With Rides brand's level of confidence has gone up thanks to this successful trademark filing!

For Rudy and the Guys With Rides team, protecting the community they have spent so much time building and promoting has been the most important thing. Creating this community for classic car guys has been a labor of love, and this successful trademark filing represents another step forward.

For information about the Guys With Rides community, contact Rudy and his team to learn more about this thriving community of classic car enthusiasts today!

About Guys With Rides
Guys With Rides is the only dealer-free online community for collector car enthusiasts. Here, you can connect with like-minded people to share your collector car's stories, buy and sell collector cars, and learn more about the hobby that you love. Founded by husband and wife team Rudy and Nancy Samsel in 2018, they've created a thriving community for classic car collectors, enthusiasts, and aficionados

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