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H. J Has Just Released a New Video All About 1000 Calorie Diet Plans


Woodstock, NH -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/18/2014 -- H. j. Has just launched a new video about 1000 calorie diet plan. Her video explains why every person who wants to lose weight fast must eat 1000 calories per day and the video explains the way this diet plan should be structured.

Even though it is not easy to count calories, and most weight loss experts say that counting calories is the worst thing to do for weight loss, HJ is old fashioned and she explains why 1000 calories per day is enough for energy and if it is structured the right way can provide all the vitamins, nutrients and minerals a human body needs in order to lose weight really fast.

She suggests the diet to start with a great breakfast, with lots of proteins, fibers and fresh veggies.

Once someone eats a breakfast designed this way, things get easy and fast weight loss can be achieved easily.

She explains why a diet plan should be created to include all meals of the day, and should say exactly how many calories and of what consists each meal. Once the plan is created in 7 days and it is followed precisely, the results should be great. She says that by following an 1000 calorie diet for 7 days, one person can lose up to 10 pounds in a week.

In her view, the best way to acquire energy is to get it only from vegetables and   eat every 2-3 hours. Another great thing about her diet plan is that she considers that by eating lots of veggies during the day, one can eat up to 2 pounds of them, and this way he is never hungry while getting only 300-400 calories from the 2 pounds.

HJ recommends broccoli, zucchini, carrots, callow flower , all steamed only.  Here where her video can be watched

In her video she refers another youtube video, the one in which she gives for free the blueprint for losing weight fast. She provides the diet plan to follow for 7 days.

For all the women who are interested in getting a 7 day diet plan for free and lose weight fast,  they can go ahead and watch her youtube video in this url:

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