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H J Has Just Released Her New Video About How to Lose Weight in One Week Easily


Woodstock, NH -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/19/2014 -- H J has just released her new video about how to lose weight in one week easily, a weight loss video mostly dedicated to women.

Hj has realized that there are lots of women who need to lose a lot of weight or a few pounds in a week. This happens because THEY HAVE AN IMPORTANT MEETING, A GATHERING OR REUNION, AND THEY WANT TO LOOK THEIR BEST FOR THAT MEETING. They all want to wear their best clothes and to look as sexy as possible, especially if they meet some friends that haven’t seen them in a long time.

But because, most women have a few extra pounds, they start starving for the remaining week, instead of doing other activities that have better results and can help them lose weight fast more efficiently.

So, with all these HJ has decided to research and to create a great video that will teach women not only how to lose weight fast, but also how to lose 5 pounds of fat in one week. If a woman can lose 5 pounds in just 1 week, she could simply look mush better for that reunion and can fit her best dress becoming incredibly sexy.

So, HJ has designed a great diet plan for 7 days. All the foods that a woman can eat in one day according to the meal plan, added together have a  total of 1200 calories. The meal plan is designed for women, and has a great combination of fibers, proteins, fruits and veggies with a big concentration of vitamins that help increasing fat burning.

Hj has also designed a few workouts. She recommends during a workout first thing in the morning. This workout must burn at least 200 calories and contains all exercises for thighs and legs, butt and upper body, and not only that tones the muscles but also burns a lot of fat.

The 2nd workout must be done in the evening and it is a combination of lifting weights and cardio, and HJ is sure that this combination of working out in the morning and in the afternoon increase fat burning for a woman with about 700 calories per day.

Because of all these tips she is 100 % sure that a woman can easily lose weight fast, and drop 5 lbs of fat in just one week, and boosting her self confidence a lot.

For those who want to check out her new video about how to lose weight fast for women, they can click this url and watch her new fat loss video on YouTube.

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