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H. J Has Just Revealed Her Method to Lose Weight Fast Through Weekly Massages


Woodstock, NH -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/16/2014 -- HJ has just released a new video about how to lose weight fast through weekly massages, She has come to the conclusion that having a massage done every 3 days increases metabolism, decreases water retention and can be a great help in losing weight fast.

She has tested this presumption on 10 women, who all bought 10 sessions of anti cellulite massages. After 10 sessions of 30 minutes, spread throughout a period of 3 weeks, all these women have lost at least 3 pounds while keeping the same lifestyle.

After having seen this amazing results, she realized that this can lead to incredible weight loss benefits for all the women subscribed to her channel. The only problem she saw, was the fact that 10 massage sessions cost over $500, so before she wanted to create a new video about how massages help in weight loss, she wanted to test another way of massaging the skin. Here is the url for this fat loss video tip

So she looked to coffee ground, wraps and a massage brush. So she asked 10 women to go through a 2 weeks period of daily coffee ground, wraps and 10minutes sessions with a massage brush all over the skin. All the women in the group had a shower after. In 2 weeks all women have lost at least 2 pounds, but they didn’t have to pay almost anything for having these fast weight loss results.

After having these results she was really happy to create a video about this weight loss tips for women. She also thinks that massages can even help women lose weight faster than ever , thus she created the video.

In her fat loss video she also recommends all watchers to go and watch another video which shows for free the entire blueprint women must follow in order to lose weight fast and she also has captured a diet plan for women to follow in the first 7 days.

For all the women who want to get for free the exact routine they need to follow in order to lose weight fast,  they can go ahead and watch her youtube video in this url and download it for free:

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