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H. Jam Has Just Released Her 7 Days Low Calorie Diet for Fast Weight Loss


Woodstock, NH -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/20/2014 -- H. Jam has just uploaded a new video in which she reveals her 7 days Low Calorie Diet for fast weight loss. This diet plan is created mostly for women, but even men can follow it too, the daily amount of calories she recommends for a day is 1000.

Her weight loss tips have been already followed by thousands of women, and when she realized that most women are searching for ways to lose weight fast she finally decided to make a video on this topic.

In this new weight loss video, she explains the principles of fat loss and offers a few tips that can be followed by any women to lose a few pounds over the next few days.

What makes her video unique is the fact that all her tips, if followed precisely will surely help ay woman lose weight. The only difficult aspect is the fact that women must eat a 1000 calories per day, and do 2 workouts, in order to lose weight fast.

The 2 workouts she details are easy to perform and don’t take more than 40 minutes to finish, and each one burns at least 450 calories. And for those who want to learn how to lose weight fast and don’t have experience with fitness, she also provides and all the details of a great workout.

The diet plan she shares for free in her video, consists of fresh veggies, fibers and proteins, and not only that increases metabolism, but also provide the body all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals it needs in order to become healthier. Even though 1000 calories are little, women that follow H Jam’s diet plan are always full, never hungry and have increased levels of energy.

Her method for losing weight fast is based on 2 principles. The first one is a reduced calorie intake. This is the reason she shared for free, a low calorie diet plan for 7 days, with less than 1100 calories per day.

The second principle is to double the burnings, and in her view, this can be achieved through building muscles and boosting the metabolism. She achieves this through staying active and by doing 2 workouts per day.

For all the women who are interested in learning how to lose weight fast, they can go ahead and watch her youtube video in this url:

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After having struggled with lots of health problems, because she learned how to deal with them, Heather has become a weight loss and women's health expert. She is now dedicated to helping women all over the world lose weight and get healthy, and through her free health tips hundreds of women are already on their way to a better life.

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