H Sena Continues Its Legacy in Jewellery Craftsmanship in Singapore


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2014 -- The Jewellery scene is as bright in Singapore as ever, thanks to numerous businesses that have kept quality craftsmanship alive through the years. However if there is one of the jewellery stores in Singapore that has definitely made a name for itself despite the amount of competition that has popped up over the years, it is H Sena Jewellers.

H Sena Jewellery was established in 1919 by jewellery shop founder Henry Senanayake. The founder was an emigrant from Sri Lanka to Bangkok. He retired from the jewellery shop in 1962. The first H Sena Jewellery was established on Oriental Avenue. Now, the jewellery shop is located at 290 Orchard Road, The Paragon. As everyone knows, Orchard Road is one of the most bustling business addresses in all of Singapore. It is a convenient, accesible location that is good for a jewellery store in Singapore.

H Sena provides to its customers exquisite jewellery that stands the test of time. As Singapore is such a melting pot of culture, various kinds of jewellery are needed for various ocassions, as well as to appease the serious jewellery collector. H Sena succeeds in providing amazing classic and timeless pieces that are of good quality. while experimenting on new styles that will catch the eye of any serious jewellery enthusiast.

In order to assure that they only have the best gemstones, H Sena has four criteria for its jewelry: cut, color, clarity and carat weight. H Sena does not produce any substandard accessories as they only provide luxurious and classy jewellery to their customers.

What makes H Sena different from other jewellery stores? Simple: family. They have kept their knowledge and skill in this field within the family for generations, in turn passing down the secrets of find craftsmanship. They understand the significance of that perfect piece of jewellery, and with their friendly staff will help you make every visit feel like an enjoyable search for the one.

With such a solid reputation gained from numerous years in business, it is no wonder that H Sena’s legacy continues to be evident to this day. With attention to detail, closely-guarded family secrets and fine craftsmanship evident in all their pieces, anyone who goes to H Sena is sure to come out satisfied—and come back again for sure.

About H Sena
H Sena is one of the oldest jewellery stores in Singapore. Located along Orchard Road, it offers an extensive line of wedding, engagement and bridal jewelry to suit even the most discerning tastes.