H Sena Continues to Offer Luxurious Jewelleries


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/19/2014 -- H Sena reintroduces its tradition in jewellery craftsmanship, passing perfection from generation to generation. This jewellery in Singapore takes pride of its precious jewellery that are handcrafted to perfection, bringing the ideas and concepts of the customers to life.

H Sena Jewellery was established in 1919 by jewellery shop founder Henry Senanayake. The founder was an emigrant from Sri Lanka to Bangkok. He retired from the jewellery shop in 1962.

The first H Sena Jewellery was established on Oriental Avenue and withing Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Now, the jewellery shop is located at 290 Orchard Road, The Paragon. H Sena invites customers to visit their shop to experience their service. The jewellery store promised to serve and assist all customers for them to choose the best jewellery.

H Sena said that they have a wide variety of jewellery where customers can choose from. There are different choices of necklaces, rings and bracelets from those who want to buy special gifts for their loved ones.

To assure that they only have the best gemstones, the jewellery shop has four criteria for its jewelry: cut, color, clarity and carat weight. H Sena does not produce any substandard accessories as they only provide luxurious and classy jewellery to their customers.

The jewellery shop said that 'family' sets them apart from other jewellery in Singapore.

"We’ve kept our jewellery knowledge and skill in the Sena family for generations, passing down the secrets of fine craftsmanship and the 4 Cs of gemstone selection from father and mother to son and daughter," the jewellery shop said.

Meanwhile, the jewellery shop also said they will assist customers to find the perfect jewellery for them.

"Our personal and friendly approach will make a trip to our shop feel like a family visit – you’ll enjoy a warm welcome and genuine care that large chains just can’t offer," the jewellery shop said.

This jewellery in Singapore has a unique method in selecting the best diamonds for its customers to ensure good brilliance and scintillation of their precious stones.

H Sena assured its customers that only the finest and most flawless gemstones are used in their jewelry, ranging from beautifully handcrafted rings, necklaces and bracelets.

"Our many years of experience, passion and artistry also mean we can perfectly adjust, repair and rework existing pieces too," the jewellery shop added.

About H Sena
H Sena also reiterated that they have a custom design service for those who want to make one of a kind jewelry piece. They also accept resizing and restoring of jewelry.

For inquiries, the jewellery shop may be contacted via +65 67320721 or +65 67325689.

Customers may also e-mail hsena@singnet.com.sg