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H3 Assist Helps Patients and Families Transition to Assisted Living


Anaheim, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/13/2013 -- H3 Assist is helping patients and families transition to assisted living, helping patients to get acclimated to their new living arrangements. With the help of H3 Assist, families do not have to face this scary transition alone.

These in-home caregivers can help families to decide on appropriate levels of care and how best to introduce the patient to the new program.

During this important transition time, H3 Assist can help individuals and families move from complete independence to the need for a 24-hr caregiver in the home in stages. For those who need in-home care only a few days a week or help with specific tasks such as shopping, traveling or entertaining, H3 Assist can provide professional help. For those who want to continue to perform various tasks on their own, the in-home caregiver can provide help and support when needed and can allow the individual to work alone when necessary.

The in-home caregiver professionals at H3 Assist offer every level of care through an individual plan worked out between the patient, family members and H3 Assist. The patient and family can decide, with help from H3 professionals, how much care is necessary in the home and how much the individual can do on his or her own. These care levels can be changed as situations evolve and remain fluid according to the patient’s needs.

With the help of H3 Assist, families and patients can transition successfully from independence to full-time care with attention to the dignity and concerns of the patient.

About H3 Assist
H3 Assist is a home care provider company that works with patients and families to design unique care plans and provide support while patients stay in their own homes. H3 Assist can help families and individuals design the right level of care plan for their own needs.

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