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Haberdashery Launches Working Prototype of Laserpod 2, Its Latest Light Based Sculpture


Beverly Hills, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/02/2013 -- Haberdashery, a United Kingdom-based design agency, recently announced the launch of Laserpod 2, one of its newest cool Kickstarter projects. Laserpod 2 is a 100-percent safe, battery-powered laser light sculpture that produces interestingly shaped beam-splitting optics.

Laserpod 2 features a number of improvements in comparison to its predecessor, Laserpod 1. Haberdashery multiplied Laserpod 2’s beam output by more than 10 times, bringing the beam count up to 100. The light sculpture also boasts bigger abstract lasers with a clear optical path. In addition to updated lasers, Laserpod 2 is now built with a hackable stepper motor for greater control.

Haberdashery intends to create two versions of Laserpod 2: one with the original red light and another limited-edition model with a blue LED light. The product creates beautiful organic patterns that dance across all types of surfaces, and when used in an environment with an atmosphere, such as haze from a smoke machine or dense fog from an early winter morning, the beams become an additional aspect to the overall experience. Laserpod 2 can be safely used by children and pets, too.

“The patented design principle of splitting laser beams through a rotating optic has been enjoyed by many in the form of Laserpod 1 over the past decade,” noted Haberdashery’s Laserpod 2 Kickstarter page. “We decided to push the design of the original Laserpod onto the next level: we wanted to make it brighter with more complex organic patterns. This led to the development of Laserpod 2.”

Since the Laserpod 2 project currently has no commercial backers, Haberdashery has invested much of its own time and money into the design, development, and installation of the light based sculpture. The design agency welcomes donations through Kickstarter, a site that allows users to get funding for a project.

If Haberdashery meets its goal of £75,000, the company will invest the money into seeing Laserpod 2 through to delivery. Laserpod 2 will be manufactured in the United Kingdom using high-quality materials.

Individuals interested in learning more about Haberdashery and Laserpod 2 can visit the company’s website for more information. Customers can also subscribe to Haberdashery’s LinkedIn and Twitter accounts for frequent updates from the company.

About Haberdashery
Haberdashery is a design agency that specialises in light based sculpture. The agency’s team includes engineers, industrial designers, graphic artists and interaction designers; Haberdashery has designed, engineered, manufactured and installed a wide variety of bespoke works across the world in both public and private sectors. Haberdashery’s design is fuelled by experimentation in its “HabLab,” where its artists have the freedom to create and play without constraints—the results of which are then fed back into real world projects for the benefit of its clients and collaborators. For more information, please visit http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/992120762/laserpod-2-a-little-laser-in-your-life