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Habits That Can Be Harmful or Helpful


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/03/2014 -- Every person has good and badhabits, including several indulgences that may seem harmless overall. But health experts stress caution whenlabeling some habits as “harmless” as they can actually have long lastingconsequences on overall well-being.

It’s recently been found thatregardless of activity levels, sitting for long periods of time still hasnegative effects on health. Cells putunder pressure from sitting are more likely to stretch and retain lipids (fats)which can make them expand, and some research has shown that sitting for morethan 3 hours per day can take up to two years off of life expectancy. IN addition to this, many spend too much timein front of a computer screen. This typeof stimulation can put the eyes under strain, and even interrupt sleep patternsif used later at night.

While music has been shown tolift mood and enhance physical performance, listening too loud can damagehearing. Hearing loss affects millionsof Americans, and therefore experts recommend keeping stereo volumes andheadphone levels at 80 decibels or lower. It’s estimated that people typically listen to music at up to 110decibels. Turn the volume down toprotect the ears.

Pre-packaged meals may seem likean easy way to manage portions for calorie control, but so many of thesepackaged meals are filled with MSG and sometimes more than a day’s worth ofsodium. Eating processed foods andconsuming these high amounts of sodium and other chemicals can slow digestion,lead to retained fluid, and wreak havoc on blood pressure. Be sure to read labels when purchasingpackaged foods, or better yet, stick to whole foods even if it takes longer toprepare them.

Though daily lives seem to fill upquick with activities and responsibilities, skimping on sleep to try and catchup can lead to impaired mental function, or even depression like symptoms. Stroke, diabetes, and obesity risk is alsoraised by not allowing for enough rest. 6.5 to 7.5 hours per night is what experts recommend for properrecovery.

Making these small changes to“harmless” habits can improve health in minor ways, even if it’s just enough togive a person the energy to make larger changes for bigger benefits.

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