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Hacienda Golf Properties Sees Signs of Increased Real Estate Activity in Spanish Resort Areas


Murcia, Spain -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/05/2013 -- Hacienda Golf Properties, specialists in golf and properties located at Hacienda del Alamo in Murcia, southeast Spain, has recently announced some very good news pertaining to the local real estate market. After years of enduring a slowed market with declining property values, there are now definite signs of increased activity, sales, and real estate inquiries along with the stabilization of prices in some Spanish resort areas.

Less than a decade ago, the local real estate market in the Murcia area was exploding. Hacienda Del Alamo Villas for sale, as well as other properties, were hard to come by. The beautiful weather, golf courses and overall comfortable atmosphere of the region made it a very popular location for investment properties. By 2008, the average house price in Murcia was at €215K, which made them out of reach for even wealthy clients.

Over the course of the next several years, Hacienda Del Alamo property values and other properties throughout the region began to decline steadily, down to an average of €160K in 2012. During 2010 and 2011 especially, people shied away from investing in a Murcia property because their values were going down so quickly. Between 2011 and 2012, some signs of stabilization have been evident and there are some indications that the market has bottomed in certain regions and for certain types of property . This means that investors once again want to purchase Hacienda del Alamo Villas and other local properties while the prices are reasonable and the demand for luxury real estate is beginning to increase once again.

“In fact, the number of property sales in Spain has actually been going up,” said John Green, managing director of Hacienda Golf Properties, adding that the inquiry pipeline is rising dramatically.

“Most people that have been sitting on their money are just waiting for the right moment to get back into the market. The only problem is, most people wait too long. By the time the majority of people get into the market, the profits have already been made.”

In addition, with the Sareb Spanish bad bank property coming into the market, Green said he expects to see this trend to start to develop even faster.

“Private and institutional investors have shown heavy interest in the Sareb plan to improve the overall markets. It’s just started but it’s already beginning to make a difference to attitudes in the market,” he said.

As Green noted, of the great things about an investment property in a place like Murcia is that the demand for the property can be seen in just about anyone’s desire to live there. There will always be a need for these properties, he said, whether the market is representing it or not.

“People love the lifestyle. Many people dream of living in a place like Murcia,” Green said, adding that there is still some time to get into the market before the big recovery.

About Hacienda Golf Properties
Hacienda Golf Properties, based at Hacienda Del Alamo in Murcia, southeast Spain, are specialists in golf and property in the region. Clients are welcome to contact the company at anytime to discuss their requirements, whether to purchase property in the region, rent a property for golf or summer break, or to organise a golf break or tournament. For more information, please visit www.hdagolfproperties.com