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Hack and Cast, New Free RPG Game, Released This Week


Troutdale, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/10/2013 -- Jrim Software, an independent software developer, released a new video game Hack and Cast earlier this week. Hack and Cast is a browser RPG, targetting mobile and desktop users alike as it is iPhone/Android friendly but also can be played from a standard web browser.

Players work together to battle invading beasts and dig beneath the crust of the world (comically called Htrea). The game thrives on competition as players compete to be the top daily killer or gain the most levels in a day, and real money prizes are awarded to players for weekly competitions.

Hack and Cast (HAC) isn't colorfully decorated with graphics as is the norm in most popular games today, but is rather more text-based. Embodying the true spirit of role playing games, HAC executes battles and adventures with more emphasis on textual interpretations of character actions and environment descriptions rather than images.

Features abound in Hack and Cast, but the highlight of the game is the community. Chat is lively and humorous, and the administrator is often active in chat. Updates to the game occur daily, ensuring a dynamic and lively environment for the players.

"We are trying to create an environment that caters to the players' needs. If we implement an update and players dislike it, or like it, we make it clear that we want to hear their feedback and adjust accordingly," says Jrim Software.

Long term plans are on the horizon, as Jrim Software plans by mid-2014 to expand into 3D design and potentially flash to enrich user experience. With over 60 daily users and 770 registered users, Hack and Cast is off to an exciting start. For more information, check out Hack and Cast at

About Jrim Software
Established in 2008, the independent developer specializes in custom software solutions ranging from bots to proxy tools to search engine optimization software. With roots in automation development (macros) for other browser video games, Jrim Software has ironically decided to release a browser game of their own.

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